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Han F. Vermeulen

Dr. Hendrik Vermeulen

Han F. Vermeulen (Autorenname)

A cultural anthropologist from Leiden University (The Netherlands), Han F. Vermeulen has a long-standing interest in the history and theory of anthropology and ethnology. He conducted fieldwork in North Africa (Tunisia) as well as library and archival research in Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, and Russia. He has edited or co-edited seven books and convened conferences in Germany (Munich, Leipzig, Berlin), the Czech Republic (Prague), and the Netherlands (Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht). His main fields are the history of anthropology, ethnology, and ethnography in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Pacific from the 18th century on.

Research Interests


* History and theory of anthropology (-> Link)

* Ethnography and ethnology from the 18th century onward

* Enlightenment and Romanticism as anthropological discourses

* Comparative study of Muslim societies in the postcolonial world