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Hendrik Vermeulen


Dr. Hendrik Vermeulen

Language and Content Editor

The scholarly market is increasingly becoming international and global. This implies that German-speaking scholars also want to present their research in English.


To this end many scholars enlist the professional help of native speakers of English who edit and copy-edit the texts to be published and bring these in a top-quality condition, both in regard to substance and to readability. The editor of a text revises the text on the level of theory and content, and suggests improvements to the text’s argument. A copy-editor improves the readability of a text on the level of language and orthography. To be able to do this, the editor/copy-editor needs a high level of linguistic competence as well as a broad scholarly basis for evaluating the research results to be published.


English has been my second language since I was ten years old. As a PhD in the social sciences I have published numerous books and articles in English and could acquire thirty years of experience in editing and copy-editing scholarly texts from colleagues in Europe and beyond. My research into the theory and origins of the social sciences and humanities allows me to edit scholarly publications in these fields on a high scholarly level. Because of my intimate knowledge of German, I am also able to mentor and supervise German-speaking authors in their own language.


The following pages introduce my work as an author and editor of scholarly publications in both English and German. For an overview of the services to authors of scholarly publications in English, click here.





"Han Vermeulen did a remarkable job editing several chapters in my recent book, In Defense of Anthropology. His knowledge of both the English language and anthropology is superb and he applied both with great dedication and intelligence. In addition, he reorganized and completed my ‘References Cited’ with striking accuracy and efficiency." (Herbert S. Lewis, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, United States).